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Discount for members 1745 Assn Macphersons in the '45 On the Tail of Bonnie Prince Charlie David R. Ross Luath Press 2000 PB Bonnie on a motorbike! Prince Charlie Compton MacKenzie Denis Dobson Ltd 1952 The Prince in the Heather Eric Linklater Hodder & Stoughton 1965 Lots of photos. Best seller! James II Jock Haswell History Book Club 1972 Damn' Rebel Bitches Maggie Craig Mainstream Publishing 1997 The women of the '45 Culloden and The '45 Jeremy Black Allan Sutton Publishing 1990 The Road to Culloden Moor Diana Preston Constable 1995 From Rebel to Hero Robert Clyde Tuckwell Press 1995 Image of Highlander 1745-1830 Battles of the '45 Katheine Tomasson & Francis Buist B. T. Batsford 1962 Lochiel of the 45     John S Gibson    1994 Edinburgh University Press PB Well worth a read for any clansman A Digest of Jacobite Clubs F. Peter Lole Royal Stuart Society PM Vol LV Summer Hunting a Prince      Alasdair Maclean & John S Gibson    1991 AcairLtd A nice link from the wanderings to the French ships who mostly missed the hook up 1745    Edited Robert C Woosnam- Savage   1995 HMSO PB An excellent primer for the 45 published for the 250th anniversary Jacobite Anthology 1745 Association 1745 Association 1995 PB To commemorate 250th anniversary of landing of BPC The Scottish Pistol Martin Kelvin Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1996 The definitive text 1745 A Military History of the Last Jacobite Rising Stuart Reid 1996 Spellmount Bonnie Prince Charlie in Love Hugh Douglas Allan Sutton Publishing 1995 BPC and his various ladies Prince Charlie's Country Donald B. MacCulloch Moray Press 1960s 101 photographs  The Forty-Five Michael Hook & Walter Ross HMSO  1995 PB Lots of illustrations The Prince and The Pretender A. J. Youngson Croom Helm 1985 A study in the writing of History The Diary of John Campbell John Campbell  Royal Bank of Scotland PB A banker's tale of the '45 The Scottish Jacobite Movement George Pratt Insh Moray Press 1952 Study in Economic & Social Forces The Highlands in History C. R. MacKinnon Collins 1961 Dedicated to members of The 1745 Association Journey to the Western Isles & Tour to the Hebrides Samuel Johnson & James Boswell 1990 Folio Soc. First published printings. This one is mine The Flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie Hugh Douglas & Michael J. Stead Sutton Publishing 2000 Like Hungry Wolves Stuart Reid Windgrow Greene Ltd 1994 Culloden and the Last Clansman James Hunter 2001 Mainsteam Appin Murder Ungrateful Daughters Maureen Waller Hodder & Stoughton 2002  PB James' II (VII) daughters Mary & Anne Dynasty The Stuarts 1560-1807 John MacLeod Hodder & Stoughton   1999 PB Highlanders John MacLeod Hodder & Stoughton 1966 PB The Massacre of Glencoe John Buchan Peter Davies 1938 Slaughter Under Trust Donald J. MacDonald Delaware Free Press 1965 Glencoe Kings Over the Water Theo Aronson Cassell 1979 The Butcher . Speck, 1981 Blackwells Oxford The still-classic study of Cumberland The Jacobite Song William Donaldson Aberdeen University Press 1988 PB Political Myth and National Identity Culloden 1746 Peter Harrington Osprey 1991 PB Witness to Rebellion Iain Gordon Brown & Hugh Cheape Tuckwell Press 1996 PB John Maclean's diary of the '45 The Jacobites Daniel Szechi,  1994 Manchester University Press Lady Nithsdale & the Jacobites Flora Maxwell Stuart Traquair House 1995 PB Escape from the Tower Bonnie Prince Charlie in Love Hugh Douglas 1995 Alan Sutton Private passions of Prince CES Culloden The Swords & the Sorrows National Trust for Scotland 1996 CAT Exhibition Culloden Visitor Centre A Tour in Scotland 1769 Thomas Pennant Birlinn 2000 PB First Published 1771 A Tour in Scotland & Voyage to The Hebrides1769 Thomas Pennant Birlinn 1998 PB First Published 1774 & 1776 BPC & The Royal House of Stuart Drambuie Liquer Company 2002 CAT Drambuie Collection Exhibition The King Over The Water Nat Galleries Scotland 2001 CAT Portraits Stuarts in Exile Prince Charlie & The Borderland David Johnstone Beattie Thurmans 1928 Reprinted 1995 The Stuart's Last Secret Peter Pininski Tuckwell Press 2002 PB The Polish Connection George Lockhart of Carnwath Daniel Szechi 2002 Tuckwell Press PB A study in Jacobitism Culloden Moor 1746 - the Death of the Jacobite cause Stuart Reid 2002 Osprey Publishing, Limited Oxford The '45 Christopher Duffy Casell 2003 One of the best Walking with Charlie Steve Lord Pookus Publications 2003 PB On foot the whole way Jacobite Legacy Martin Kelvin GC Book Publishers Ltd 2003 Catalogue of Jacobite Memorabilia The Stuart's Secret Army Evelyn Lord 2004 Pearson Education Hidden History  English Jacobites The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 Martin Margulies Tempus 2007 PB A new look at the famous battle The French MacDonald Jean Didier-Hache Islands Book Trust 2007 PB Neil MacEachen & Son No Quarter Given  Livingstone, Aikman & Hart Neil Wilson 2007 PB Muster Roll of BPC's army A Jacobite Dictionary Mairead McKerrachar Neil Wilson 2007 As it is titled Jacobite Stories Dane Love Neil Wilson 2007 40 accounts from  Jacobites,  who lived between the 1680s and 1750s The Year of the Prince Gavin Smith Ross Literary Services 1995 PB Slim Vol 64pp Culloden Iain Cameron Taylor Nat. Trust Scotland 1965 PM Lots of reprints Guide to Battlefield Jacobite Estates of the Forty-Five Annette Smith 1982 John Donald Annexation etc The Sory of the '45 and BPCRebellion Alexander B. Tulloch Lang Syne Publishers 1987 PB Slim volume. Reprint of the book below The Wade Roads J & A Baker 1987 Melven Press PB Walker's Companion True Story of a Highland Heroine Flora MacDonald Alexander MacGregor 1989 Lang Syne Press PB Simple general History Culloden: The '45 Alexander B. Tulloch Melven Brothers 1902 PM Also as The '45 1908 Glenfinnan and the '45 Edith MacGregor  Nat Trust Scotland 1958?? PM Several reprints The Story of the 1745 Rebellion R. S. Needham Ashbourne Heritage Society 1995 PM The Jacobite Rising of 1715 Nat Galleries of Scotland 1965 PM The Jacobite Rebellions in Lancashire Jane Sterling Dalesman Publishing 1973 PM Culloden 1746 Highland Clans' Last Charge Peter Harrington 1991 Reed International PB Lots of illustrations A Jacobite Legacy Peter Kay Soar Valley Music 1995 PB History Jacobite Risings in songs and words 48pp The Good Old Times: the Story of the Manchester Rebels of '45 William Harrison Ainsworth 2001 Adamant Media Corporation,  Two volume reprint. Original published 1873 The Mystery of The Duke of Perth Arthur Appleton 2001 Co Durham Books PB Perth survives &  lives in Durham! The Finsthwaite Princess Janet D. Martin 2001 PM Interesting tale of a supposed daughter of BPC and Clementina On Telling the Culloden Story Iain Cameron Taylor 1964 Iain Cameron Taylor  PM Rebellion and Savagery Geoffrey Plank 2006 University of Pennsylvania Press, The Jacobite Rising of 1745 and the British Empire James Maxwell and Prince Charles' Expedition 1745-46 Frances Wilkins Wyre Forest Press 2008 Shortened reprint of Kirkconnell's Narrative The Jacobites at Urbino:  An Exiled Court in Transition Edward Corp Palgrave MacMillan 2009  Stuart Court in exile after it left France, having been joined by many Scottish Jacobites following tRising of 1715. Sweet William or the Butcher?  The Duke of Cumberland and the '45  Dr Jonathan Oates Pen and Sword 2008 Was Duke of Cumberland, really the ogre of popular imagination?        

Fairbairns book of crests London, is/ October, 1892. CONTENTS OF VOL. I, PART I.— INDEX OF SURNAMES. PART II —(I.) MOTTOES. (2.) KEY TO PLATES,

Lord Blakie - Society Playboys Hold The Pussy