Unknown artist robbery on the overland express

Tay-K made headlines after being on the run for several months after cutting off his ankle monitor in March. He was extradited to Fort Worth, Texas after . Marshals captured him on Friday, June 30 in New Jersey.

The victim was transported to Bridgeport Hospital where he was undergoing surgery for his injury, Eannotti said, about 9:40 .

Summon music
befitting a lost princess
who lies in state
And since there are
no conceivable amends to make
for her severed young life
and all the bitter time she lies unknown
at least, at least
remember her

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“The investigation revealed that Escobedo was the second female involved in the alleged robbery and assault,” police said in the statement.

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At about 6:30 . on October 6, 1866, an Ohio & Mississippi train left the depot at Seymour, slowly traveling east out of town. Three Reno Gang members — most likely John and Sim Reno, along with Frank Sparks — had boarded the train at the station. Once the train was a few miles out of town, the trio of men made their way from the coach, across the platform to the Adams Express Co. car, and forced their way inside. Messenger Elam Miller gave up his keys at gunpoint. The masked robbers opened the small local depot safe, which contained the packages picked up at the various stations en route. They obtained, according to Jackson County Court records, ‘one safe the value of Thirty Dollars, Three Canvas Bags of the value of One Dollar Each, Ten Thousand Dollars in Gold Coin and Thirty Three Dollars in Bank Notes.’ They attempted to open the larger through safe, containing valuables shipped from St. Louis, but failed, and the terrified messenger told the outlaws that he was unable to open it. The robbers slugged the messenger and then rolled the large safe to the door of the express car.

Unknown Artist Robbery On The Overland ExpressUnknown Artist Robbery On The Overland ExpressUnknown Artist Robbery On The Overland ExpressUnknown Artist Robbery On The Overland Express