Kimberley locke supawoman - trust myself

Locke's second album, titled Based on a True Story , was released on May 1, 2007. While first week sales did not match those of her first album, debuting at number 160 [2] on the Billboard 200 , it contained several successful singles. Curb began including dance remix packages with each of the single releases, each hitting number one on the Billboard dance charts. [3] [4] [5] All three went on to be included in the top 40 year-end dance charts [6] and the album's second single, a cover of the Freda Payne classic " Band of Gold " was featured at number 45 on Billboard's best dance songs of the decade list.

Kimberley Locke 's second album is very much like her first. Like One Love , released three full years prior, Based on a True Story is a polished, professional set of mature pop songs, and though several songs are samey and not all that memorable, not one is poor, and they all get by on Locke 's talent and likable nature. There are hints of contemporary country, straight-ahead rock, and inspirational adult contemporary, while the most modern-sounding songs fall into the realm of urban-oriented dance-pop -- like "Doin' It Tonight," a Neptunes knockoff that is actually a few years too late, and "Supawoman," which might have been written with Mary J. Blige 's "Be Without You" in mind. It's a safe, pleasant album that should satisfy Locke 's fans, though it probably will not excite them. Included is a bonus cover of Freda Payne 's "Band of Gold," a song she performed very successfully on American Idol with Frenchie Davis .

Kimberley Locke Supawoman - Trust MyselfKimberley Locke Supawoman - Trust MyselfKimberley Locke Supawoman - Trust MyselfKimberley Locke Supawoman - Trust Myself